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Much Love!

Woohooo check out my new review that just came in from a satisfied customer!!!!


She ordered the Miracle Whip (2oz)


Review of miracle whipped lotion (2oz)
Review of miracle whipped lotion (2oz)
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About ME~LenaJeanne!


My name is Alena Jeanne..I go by’s what my momma calls me!  I’m from southern AR…born and raised country off of a dirt road for a long a small quiet town called Glenwood.  I love it there!  That is where I learned how to make sweet tea and catch fireflies.  It’s where my best friend’s live and my wonderful family.  It’s where I found Jesus and learned to talk to God.  It’s home!  It taught me everything I needed to know about the world!

Then I moved away and went to college! lol  I received 2 bachelor’s in Molecular Biology/biotechnology and Environmental Science.  I worked for all 4 years in a viral research lab and loved it.  Then I did my master’s work in a botanical chemistry lab working with Green Tea and Tomato plants.  From there I have joined the Biochemistry Department at University of Kentucky and my current PhD work is in Pancreatic Cancer.  After my PhD in about a year or so I’m entering into medical school where I will eventually be a research clinician specializing in Pediatric Oncology diagnosis and research primarily focusing on new treatment modalities……..that is the goal at least!

However, quite a few years ago when I was in undergraduate I had my daughter at the tender age of 20 and my son 16 months later.  Both of my children are diagnosed with autism and suffer from a range of disorders from SHOX deficiency, Primary Ciliary Disorder, and auto immune disorders to Gastric disease, to asthma.  However, one common trend in all of us is that we are allergic to perfumes and many lotions.

I developed rosacea, eczema, and cosmetic acne (acne acquired from using cosmetic products).  I immediately stopped the cosmetics, but was left with little to no treatment.  This was during my time of my Master’s work.  I learned how to efficiently extract the anti-oxidant compounds from Green Tea…the catechins..most people have heard of EGCG (Epigallocatechin Gallate)and see it mentioned in all the ads.  It is the most abundant catechin as well as the most “potent”.  I started doing my own research into homemade lotion; however, i didn’t just want some refined lotion.  I wanted ALL natural lotion….well 5 years later and TONS of primary articles (research articles that are published in peer reviewed journals..meaning they do real science…and is accepted by the scientific community) I have started my own lotion line.  I’ve been perfecting my lotions for the past 3 years.  I can honestly say that they are amazing…it is the ONLY I use….all over my body.

I feel that I definitely DON’T look 33.  Even with all of the stress in my life I maintain a youthful glow.

I have specifically designed these products for my age group in mind at first; however, when I started receiving reports of the lotions reducing age spots (liver spots), fine lines and wrinkles, and increasing elasticity I started getting excited.  I have put years of work into these products.  Every product in here was chosen for a specific reason.

Please stay with me during this exciting time.  August of 2013 I should have all of my online work completed…my store completely filled…and all logo’s and labels designed.

Every single component of these lotions are completely 100% edible.  I believe that whatever you put ON your body should be so natural and organic you could even put it IN your body….but please don’’s gross..and I just don’t think it would taste yummy!!!!!

The other belief I have is to keep my lines low cost and truthful to my beliefs.  I promise you I will ALWAYS listen to your feedback.  I also believe that by keeping it lower cost to you I can reduce the price you pay by offering you a deal.

~Buy a product from me

~After it is used send me the used Jar

~I will wash it…sterilize it properly and refill it with product

~I will take 25% off of the cost of the product and ship it back to you free shipping…all on me



What do you think?  Ready to give this biochemist and organic mama a try?


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