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Random Review

So I go to take a nap today…and what do I find when I wake up?


A text from the adorable and talented Miss Staci Marie from Staci Marie Studios!


Check it out!

Awesome Random Review!
Awesome Random Review!


And just for your information…why YES I absolutely DO use it as chapstick!

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Another Order Sent….Hopefully A Happy Customer!

Sending another awesome order out!

A woman who wanted to give herself some pampering ordered from me and these are the products that she will be  receiving this week!

Lea's order
Lea’s order
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Much Love!

Woohooo check out my new review that just came in from a satisfied customer!!!!


She ordered the Miracle Whip (2oz)


Review of miracle whipped lotion (2oz)
Review of miracle whipped lotion (2oz)
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How To~Instructions

You might be wondering why I’m writing a post about how to use my lotion.  It’s because my lotion is different from any other out there.  You are not going to find anything like it anywhere else.  Not just the extracted ingredients, but also the consistency of it.

The consistency of my miracle whipped lotion is literally like country crock butter.  It also melts as soon as you touch it.  It should always be stored at room temperature, but if found in a hot place, put in the fridge for a few minutes to cool it off and stir it.  I use absolutely no preservatives to keep the lotion in solid form instead of melting.  The beeswax helps with this but the 3 base ingredients are all solid at room temperature.

Apply a very very very very thin layer onto your skin using circular massing movements.  Concentrate around your eyes, nose and mouth.  Really hit the areas that carry laugh lines.  Also if you skin has any sort of condition such as eczema or rosacea remember to massage very thoroughly in those areas.  This is because the massaging motion brings in more circulation improving and decreasing inflammation….

 Once you’ve massaged the lotion in, if you’ve used to much just take a towel and dab your face.  Your face should feel soft and smooth.  It should not feel dry.  It is going to take a few applications to get use to this feeling.  You see most lotions contain a lot of water products that don’t allow the oils to seep into the skin, nor do they have a high concentration of oils to begin with!  My product however, contains oil that are anti-inflammatory by nature.  These oils are also non-cosmogenic, meaning they don’t clog pores.  So even if your face feels a little oily the products I make will not cause blackheads, white-heads, or those nasty underground pimples as I call them.  Instead it will actually heal your skin.

Here are the steps to a healthy skin:

Step 1:

Exfoliate your skin ~ I recommend using a scrub such as my sugar cane scrub or my salt scrub.  These scrubs provide additional oil to soothe the skin during exfoliation but also contain anti-oxidants from rose water and pure aloe vera juice.  Exfoliation takes off all the dead skin and helps to remove the dirt from your pores.  All of this reduced the possibility of producing acne and/or reduced the current acne found on he face.

Step 2:

Clean your pores ~  You can do this a variety of ways.  I use a few products because I have not developed my own yet.  I use: Queen Helene mint clay mask, Noxzema, and Freeman cucumber facial peel off mask.

My favorite clay mask..has a soothing effect
My other favorite cleaner!
Facial Peel-Off Mask Cucumber…best thing ever

Step 3:

Toner ~ After cleansing your skin you need to use a toner…I prefer pure witch’s a little stinky and sticky, but it works amazing.  If not neutrogena toner works just as well and may contain some salicylic acid to help with acne.

Step 4:

Hydration and Rejuvination ~  I suggest my Miracle Whip lotion…it contains 2% zinc oxide so it is safe during the day, but works as a cold cream at night.  Check out the link and look at the ingredients.  If you have any questions please let me know!

After allowing your skin to become radiantly hydrated, don’t forget you can put makeup on top of this.  I have never been a fan of liquid makeup and I myself do not use any makeup at least not foundation.  I prefer bare minerals if I’m going to use anything.

I’m not ashamed of any minor blemishes I have..that would be like me being ashamed of a scar.  I believe in letting your natural beauty shine through!  Let people see  you!

I hope you enjoy my products and if you have anything you want changed just let me know!  I can customize any product!