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One Liquid Lotion Recipe

One Oil Liquid Lotion


There are two phases to a good lotion recipe: the heated phase and the cool down phase.  The heated phase contains two parts as well: the water phase and the oil phase.  As a chemist I keep the heated phase for at least 20-30 minutes.  I find that it keeps the lotion emulsified without separation.  The following recipe is a watered down version of one that I will be selling. I also always use the metric system NOT the English system.  Don’t forget to spray everything with bleach and let it air dry then spray with 97% rubbing alcohol or vodka! haha


Based on 2000 gram recipe


Heated Water Phase:


Water (filtered and distilled)–> 66%     1320 gms

Aloe Vera (up to 10%)–> 10%               200 gms

Humectant (up to 5%)–> 4%                   80 gms


Heated Oil Phase:

BTMS-50 (or something similar but not BTMS-25) → 8%               160 gms

Oil (anything liquid at room temperature)–> 10%                            200 gms


Cool Down Phase:

Liquid Germall Plus (or something similar 0.5%-1%)–>1%               20gms

Fragrance/Essential Oil (0.25-2%)–>1% 20 gms




Water Phase: Water, Aloe Vera Juice, Glycerin
Oil added to water phase. I used the GMO Thrive Algal Oil!
Secret Ingredient! hahaha
BTMS-50 and Algal oil added to water phase! 🙂
With everything in it! Getting ready to put into bottles! 🙂