Welcome to LenaJeanne Cosmetics!

Hi!  I’m Lena Jeanne and I am the owner and operator of LenaJeanne Cosmetics, I hope you enjoy my site and products as much as I enjoy making them.  There are  a few things that I value above all others.  This includes:

People over Profit

One of the things I want to excel at is customer service.  Most of us physicians and scientists don’t really have the people skills that we need.  Over the last year as this little venture has grown I’ve learned more and more what being a real listener is.  

I also strive to bring the latest research to the customers.  There IS great research out there looking at phytochemicals as well as the nature of oils and their medicinal uses.  

I feel like one thing that many of today’s customer’s do not understand is how science comes from Nature.  Nothing can be more cruel, more interesting, more complex, and more frustrating than nature.  Science just takes microscopic (literally) pieces of nature and expands on them, makes them bioavailable, or safer for us to use.  Many herbs carry very unsafe compounds and when given as a whole can carry drastic consequences for the patient; therefore, creating a pure compound is the fiercest way to protect the patient, consumer, and user.  


Here is a quick look of some products that will be available in the next few weeks. This is a collaborative effort between me and my gracious cousin Kari!!! Love ya girl!

Soap Pockets soap pockets2 soap pockets5 soap pockets6 sponge_1 sponge_3