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Skinny jeans, boots, and pudge OH MY!

So today I did the unthinkable, I bought some new boots! I haven’t bought myself any boots in over 3 years and I LOVE LOVE LOVE boots; however, here’s the problem. My calves are too fat, but if I go up a size then the shoes are waaaay too big. I wear a size 6, but I went ahead and got a 7…sigh…

Here’s the other problem..I only have bootcut jeans. I have NO skinny jeans and I only have one pair of leggings from spanx. This represents the hugest problem, besides my calves, thighs and buttox! Mainly because I can’t WEAR the boots if they won’t go OVER my jeans and I can’t zip them up over regular jeans! UGH…

Here’s the next problem..I’ve gained about 7 lbs the last two weeks from being sick. I haven’t worked out in 2 weeks. I had some horrible cold and now a sinus infection of course…and I refuse to take antibiotics so I’m sit here just suffering.

I wish I could just magically rub some lotion on my calves and VOILA they are skinny, but to no avail! UGH….

So I’m sitting here contemplating on what to do…well…I’ll tell you what I’m going to do..I’m going to buy some freaking leggings/jeggings (maybe spanx brand) and breakdown and find some skinny jeans. I have NO idea where to go, but I’ll have to try!

I’ll actually have to buy nice I can’t just go around wearing victoria secret yoga pants anymore..I know sounds ridiculous for a PhD to wear only yoga pants, but you have to remember nobody sees me in lab. I wear a lab coat and nobody cares..I’m in a lab…with mice..and other nerds..NOBODY CARES! lol Unless you are presenting.

I sometimes play the mental game called “which PhD has the craziest hair” because nobody cares!

However, I feel like I should look better and maybe I’ll take better care of myself..the boots and some very good eye shadow started it off!

now..I have to get outfits..god this is going to be horrible…i just see me as this jegging white pumpkin!!!! seriously this is how I feel like I look!

Not so cute, but oh so fat me!


We women are so under noticed..seriously.  I was wondering today, what if we as women started NOTICING each other, instead of relying on a male to do that.  So I tried it while I was at target today.  I told 6 women a compliment….something I noticed about them.  You know I seriously think it helped…they seemed happier…I think if someone noticed me I would be happy too.

I just don’t want them to notice my pudge..ugh..the pudge is the worse right??? You know what I’m talking about from having a baby..we all have it..and if not..well then you suck! lol

That is my goal is to get rid of my pudge this the end of the year.  There are a few things I’m trying to accomplish for my new years resolution.  My therapist says that it takes 3 months for a habit to be completely replaced by another habit, so I’m not quitting on New Years..I’m going to be done by New Years.  It’s actually a lot easier! Working on my pudge is one of them.  I had gotten down to a size 6 until getting’s sickening that I gained so much in just 2 weeks!

I love to jog!!! I did it yesterday WITH a sinus infection..i took lots of sinus meds before hand I even took albuterol…I’m going to jog again tomorrow after church!  It made me feel a lot better eventhough i got worse, but here’s how I feel right now!


So I’m taking all my meds and doing TONS of sinus rinses with saline…and I’m hoping that I’ll just get better as time goes on…

I hate when i get bigger and my jeans fit tighter….it is the most annoying thing in the world.  I really do want to get down to a maintainable’s really hard to do when I have 2 needy kids, a PhD career, and my fiance whom is fine as hell (seriously you should see his arms and back..that man is one hot tamale!) works a night schedule!!!

You can actually See the weight gain!!!  It’s really scary….however, I honestly put on my clothes…and put on some makeup and brushed my hair..while being sick, because today was my daughter’s birthday and because I don’t want them to grow up and not have any pictures of us together..I am not thin..and that’s ok…I also take “good” pics of myself because I get tired of so many horrible ones that can get posted…it’s ridiculous..i look like a crazy person…or like I just woke up in every random picture that is taken of me!





I’m a short thicker girl..just looking for some cute skinny jeans…and I can’t find any….so for me it feels like NO skinny jeans, but some awesome boots, and lots of pudge! OH MY!!!!



4 thoughts on “Skinny jeans, boots, and pudge OH MY!

  1. I love this it totally sums me up, except for the calves part lol. The pudge is spot on can’t get rid of it no matter what especially having had a c-section. I just broke down and bought 2 pair of skinny jeans for the same exact reason as you said. I had refused to buy any until now, being an 80’s girl I just couldn’t bring myself to embrace them yet again (I did the same exact thing when bootcut jeans made their debut) but bootcut jeans just do not look right tucked into boots so I broke down.

    1. the sad part is I have broken down too..gawd I have ALOT of work to do on my body though!

      1. So do I have the weight down for now but the hard part is toning it all up especially right now the winter has sucked all my energy once we change the clocks I will have a little more but the job I’m working takes a lot out of me we will see I guess. I would like to tone up my lower half (stomach, legs, butt) that’s about it

        1. I love to jog…I love to jog outside..and I love to liftweights!!!! It really helps with the losing inches..I’m such a short stout woman 🙁 lol Never could you call me petite!