2 thoughts on “LJ’s Face Care

  1. I make a handmade liquid soap that does not irritate the skin.

    My suggestion would be a entire routine..

    A handmade soap or noxzema, my toner which is alcohol free, a nice mask I prefer the Miracle mask, and a non-water moisturizer such as my miracle whipped facial lotion.

    Please feel free to email me so we can go over everything and i can tell you how and why my products work!


    or text me or call at


  2. Morning I’m always trying to find something that’s not harsh on my teenage daughter skin. She has acne the products I see in the store has salicylic in them. It irritates her. The dermatologist always wants to put her on antibiotics I’m not a big fan of that. Sooooooo I’m looking for a product you may have for acne any suggestions