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Hello Fellow Cosmetic Lover

     If you are on this page you are well aware of how long it takes to create a formula that is properly stable, provides lasting microbial preventative effects, is attractive in appearance and smell, and provides the cosmetic effects that you would like.  It’s important to remember that not all formula’s are equal.  I will work hard for you to be able to properly create your cosmetic within your own setting.  My goal is to save you time and money by doing all of the hardwork for you.  You will be given an excel sheet that has all of the percentages of each ingredient as well as translation into both the English and Metric system.  I also urge you to move into using the metric system.  It is a much easier system to work with and sometimes moving from the English to Metric the formula’s are not quite perfect.  I’m also very familiar with Essential Oils and can help you design a fragrance that is unique to YOUR products.  I will ensure complete confidentiality and provide a Excel version of your formula.  In the excel file you will find a detailed description of the production as well as any pertinent information.  We will discuss different ordering options for your ingredients and packaging as well.  You will receive your formula knowing that what you have works and is high valued quality.


      I have spent 20 years as a biochemist.  I achieved my BS in Molecular Biology/Biotechnology & Environmental Science.  My MS work was again in the field of biochemistry working with green tea extract, cancer, and peroxynitrite.  My PhD was obtained in Molecular & Cellular Biochemistry with my work focused on the Molecular Signaling of a Tumor Suppressor called PHLPP in Pancreatic Cancer.


I am well worth the time and money spent.  I guarantee quality and will work non-stop to ensure you are more than happy with your product.  I am well versed in ethnic hair as well as Caucasian and mixed.  I am very knowledgeable in chemo skin, eczema, psoriasis, and other skin conditions including all types of acne.


To achieve the best product formula…you must have the best formulator…….let me help you become your products!

Please email me at for any questions you may have. 


Shampoo–> $2500

Conditioner–> $2500

Shampoo & Conditioner set–> $4000

Organic & All Natural Shampoo –> $3500

Organic & All Natural Conditioner–> $3500

Organic & All Natural Shampoo & Conditioner Set–>$6000

Water based lotion–>$2000

Oil Based Lotion–>$2000


Cold Processed Soap—>$1500

Liquid Soap–>$2000


Organic Moisturizer –> $3500

Serums & Gels –> $3000

Organic Serums & Gels –> $4000

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