Liquid Soap Thickener: Hydroxyethylcellulose


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Hydroxyethylcellulose is produced from a plant.  Cellulose is a type polysaccharide, or sugar unit arranged in linking sugar molecules.  HEC (HydroxyEthylCellulose) is produced from wood.  It is a beautiful thickening/gelling agent.


Generally used at a 0.5-2% in your water products.


This is a natural thickener that works beautifully.

I suggest first “wetting” the hydroxyethylcellulose in glycerin then adding it to room temperature water and stirring while adding.  It can take up to an hour for the solution to thicken properly.  If you would like your liquid soap to be thicker instead of reducing the water that you dissolve the paste into just add HEC to thicken it.  That way you don’t waste your soap product.


A little goes a long way.  I suggest a usage rate of 0.5% for liquid coconut soap.  Therefore if you have 32 oz of liquid soap you would only require 0.16oz.  As you can see that’s nothing.


I would suggest buying 1/2 an ounce first.  Once you get more accustomed to producing your own liquid soap then increase the amount of your ingredients that you buy.  No reason to overspend.


*I’m not making profit off of this product.  Remember I offer free shipping and no taxes so that means I pay my taxes from the cost of my products.

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