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Dear Customers,

I am very excited to be able to offer you this Facial Holiday Package in conjunction with Just The Essentials, LLC.   We have paired up to bring you the biggest and best Facial Care package as well as two essential oils blended by Dr. Andrea Malji herself who is also a certified aromatherapist.  Her oils are bought mainly from a wholesale supplier in southern Indiana who tests each batch for purity using the GCMS. They carry only the highest quality oils available on the market.  If you would like more information from her please visit her website and send her an email.  The two essential oil blends I’m offering are as follows:



Christmas Blend ($10)

This invigorating yet relaxing blend of cinnamon, lavender, citrus, vanilla, coffee, and peppermint brings out the joy of Christmas while soothing the need for a Spiced Latte without the cost.

Apply to pulse point such as wrist and temples as desired

Yellow Face Wash For Troubled Skin (8oz) ($15)

This gorgeous facial wash starts out as a bunch of oils, but finishes with a lovely sweet lavender scent created for those who feel their skin needs a bit more TLC. If burning occurs please discontinue at once.

This facial wash uses old school techniques to create a light sudsing formula that gently washes away the grime of the day while releasing your skin to the beauty of an after moisturizer.

Black Face Mask ($10)

This gorgeous clay mask is uses the debridement activity of charcoal to cleanse the face and reduce the overall appearance of pores.

Essential Toner (8oz) ($15)

Toners are used after cleansing the face to rid the skin of oils and dirt that soap left behind.  The essential oils also provide another mechanism to further cleanse the skin while the silicones soften and the Hemp seed oil provides moisture!

LJ’s Facial Lotion (2oz) ($25)

As it turns out many people are very scared to try any type of lotion that contains oils, but did you know the only way to properly take care of your skin IS to give your skin the proper oils?  Oils such as: stearic acid.  You see our cellular membranes are composed of oils.  Oils also known as fats…also known as lipids are very important molecules in our body.  Just like fish oils are anti-inflammatory so are oils that we should put on our skin.

Winter’s Lip Care ($6)

If you are like me and your  lips crack and bleed, or just get dry during the winter due to the wind, snow, ice, rain, cold temperatures, dryness, and going from heat to outside cold, then you should check this out!




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