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Are you a person that just adores essential oils? Do you have aromas laying around and you make your own blends or you buy blends?  Would you love to have soap that you can add the essential oils too, but that you don’t necessarily have to use that nasty Lye???

Well, I have the perfect product for you.   Liquid paste is used to produce liquid soap.   Basically I do the hardwork for you.  I take 100% coconut oil (Or 100% Organic Coconut Oil) and through a process called saponification with a type of Lye called KOH I create soap.  This soap is in the form of a thick paste that’s sticky to the touch.

I will package the paste and send it to you with instructions.  All that is needed is distilled clean water and your fragrance/essential oil of choice.  You can purchase add on items if you want such as a foamer and preservative.  (A preservative is not needed if the directions are followed, but I urge and highly recommend the purchase of an additional preservative that can be found on my website to add to your liquid soap)

Any dispenser will work with coconut soap, but it’s such a beautiful foaming soap that I highly suggest a foamer.  You can purchase  a foamer for a nominal fee off of my website.

Please use appropriate safety wear while preparing the solution especially gloves as you will be handling the fragrance/essential oil.  Gloves should always be worn when handling fragrances and essential oils.

Coconut Liquid soap is very thin and feels like water, but I sell a thickener produced from plants that easily thickens it.  I do not believe the thickener is needed when using a foamer, because many times the thickener will actually clog the neck of the foamer, so with many of my liquid soaps I do not thicken them.  Foamers save money over time as you use less soap.

Since I do not use refined coconut soap the liquid soap will not be 100% clear and in fact you may notice a pearlescent look to it which is quite beautiful.  I take pride in the natural white color that you see; however, you can add some seaweed or even mica to color the soap.  I like it natural and white.

8oz of Coconut Liquid Soap Paste will give 24 oz of Liquid soap (possibly a bit more)

16oz of Coconut Liquid Soap Paste will give 48 oz of Liquid soap

2lb of Coconut Liquid Soap Paste will give 96 oz of Liquid soap


Because Coconut Soap is so “potent” or has a high ability to foam and if you are pairing it with a foamer and using a preservative then you can get 32 oz of liquid soap from 8oz of Coconut Soap Paste.  (which would give 64 oz of liquid soap from 1lb of paste and 128oz of liquid soap from 2lb of paste)

So what do YOU need to start making your own soap:

Scale (or not if you don’t have a scale I can help you determine how to measure your water needed with a measuring cup)

Measuring Cup

Hot Distilled Water

Large glass container with lid to reduce water evaporation

Bleach and Rubbing Alcohol to clean the supplies

Spatula designated just for soap making

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