Beginner’s Cold Processed Soaping Class


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In this 2 hour course you will learn the first hour about the process of soap, chemical profile of soaps on the market vs handmade, as well as the chemistry behind 10 oils and how mixing them produces different bars.  As a PhD biochemist I tend to focus more on the biochemical aspects of the chemistry behind soap making.

For an introductory class we will only use fragrance oil/essential oil that is known to not cause changes in the soap.

We will also quickly go over different colorants that can be used (Mica vs dye).

Safflower, coconut, olive, grapeseed, sunflower, castor, algae oil, canola, corn, peanut

Items Provided for you to use and take home:  Goggles, gloves, soap mold, and hair nets, oil, lye (NaOH), fragrance/essential oils (some essential oils will have additional charge due to cost)

Items Needed for the Class:  Hand Blender (Stick Blender), large pyrex bowl, smock or apron (preferably a lab coat, but not needed)


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