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Being Different

As a customer you can choose your products.

You can go anywhere in the world literally through your computer.

You can shop all over your very own city.

You may be asking yourself WHY SHOP LENAJEANNE COSMETICS?

BECAUSE I don’t use kits. That’s right.  If you shop almost every other “handmade” cosmetic company their scrubs are kits such as the one below.


These are very processed and have no originality.  It is easy to just buy a kit and try to resale it, but I actually care about every step of the process.  I bring you kitless products that have been examined under the same scrutiny that I give my research.  Can you actually say that about anybody elses products?  Sure they can go to any “natural” news website, they can even look at research articles and read the summary, but to understand the molecular processes that are so important to giving your skin the best nourishment, no,you won’t find that unless they hold a PhD or MD.  Now they will do what we like to call PROFESS their knowledge, and they just LOVE to show some articles they researched, but unless they’ve spent thousands of hours like I have studying these cellular processes then you can guarantee it’s all fluff and no substance.