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Yellow Facial Soap

My yellow facial soap is a joy to make.  It doesn’t take as long as other liquid soaps, but it never gets completely clear.  The clarity has absolutely nothing to do with the ability of the soap to clean.  It’s gentle yet effective at cleansing the skin of unwanted oil and dirt.  Combine it with my Essential Toner and Facial Cream for an overall clean and glowing look! It is made from mixing KOH (a type of lye) with 4 different oils.  I add a bit of heat and blend with my stick blender.  A thick paste is formed that I then use to dilute with water!  SO MUCH FUN!


Have you ever made soap before? Are you afraid of soaping?





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One Liquid Lotion Recipe

One Oil Liquid Lotion


There are two phases to a good lotion recipe: the heated phase and the cool down phase.  The heated phase contains two parts as well: the water phase and the oil phase.  As a chemist I keep the heated phase for at least 20-30 minutes.  I find that it keeps the lotion emulsified without separation.  The following recipe is a watered down version of one that I will be selling. I also always use the metric system NOT the English system.  Don’t forget to spray everything with bleach and let it air dry then spray with 97% rubbing alcohol or vodka! haha


Based on 2000 gram recipe


Heated Water Phase:


Water (filtered and distilled)–> 66%     1320 gms

Aloe Vera (up to 10%)–> 10%               200 gms

Humectant (up to 5%)–> 4%                   80 gms


Heated Oil Phase:

BTMS-50 (or something similar but not BTMS-25) → 8%               160 gms

Oil (anything liquid at room temperature)–> 10%                            200 gms


Cool Down Phase:

Liquid Germall Plus (or something similar 0.5%-1%)–>1%               20gms

Fragrance/Essential Oil (0.25-2%)–>1% 20 gms




Water Phase: Water, Aloe Vera Juice, Glycerin
Oil added to water phase. I used the GMO Thrive Algal Oil!
Secret Ingredient! hahaha
BTMS-50 and Algal oil added to water phase! 🙂
With everything in it! Getting ready to put into bottles! 🙂


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Soap Production_1

Soap Production_1Soap production occurs between a fat molecule and lye or Sodium Hydroxide/Potassium Hydroxide (NaOH/KOH).  This little tutorial looks at a triglyceride molecule and 3 NaOH molecules.  What other fats are there and what would their reactions look like?  So the reaction would be written like this

Soap Production_1

This is the chemical reaction involving 1 triglyceride molecule and 3 NaOH molecules.  In order to completely break apart 1 triglyceride molecule we need 3 NaOH or 3 KOH molecules.  This becomes important when you begin to calculate how much lye you need for the oils you are using.  The reactants are your triglyceride and NaOH and the products are your 3 Sodium Carboxylates and the 1 glycerol (glycerin) molecule.


Here it is explained in a bit more detail to where you can follow along with where the molecules start and where they end up by looking at the colors of the oxygens and carbons and sodium ions.  By the way, a triglyceride is a chemical.  It’s a fat which is also termed a chemical.  Therefore, whenever anyone tries to tell you soap is not composed of chemicals you know they are blowing smoke up your arse.  It’s an ORGANIC (or carbon containing) chemical but a chemical nonetheless just like NaOH or sodium hydroxide is a chemical.


Soap Production_1


Click on the above link to watch the narrative powerpoint about soap production from a triglyceride molecule.

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