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Sunday Funday

Today is a day full of visitation.  You don’t necessarily have to leave your house to visit!  You can skype, facetime, snapchat or just use social media as a way to say “Hey, What’s up?”


I encourage you to reach out to people you don’t normally talk to.  Don’t be shy.  There are no weird feelings only regret.


Talk to an old high school friend, a college roommate, or other mom you know.


I hope this day is good for you…..I’m going to make it as great for my family as I can.


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~Dr. LenaJeanne

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Yellow Facial Soap

My yellow facial soap is a joy to make.  It doesn’t take as long as other liquid soaps, but it never gets completely clear.  The clarity has absolutely nothing to do with the ability of the soap to clean.  It’s gentle yet effective at cleansing the skin of unwanted oil and dirt.  Combine it with my Essential Toner and Facial Cream for an overall clean and glowing look! It is made from mixing KOH (a type of lye) with 4 different oils.  I add a bit of heat and blend with my stick blender.  A thick paste is formed that I then use to dilute with water!  SO MUCH FUN!


Have you ever made soap before? Are you afraid of soaping?